Safe Marine deals mostly with fire detection and suppression systems on cruise ship, cargo and yachting, can boast a long partnership with a Norwegian Company named AUTRONICA FIRE & SECURITY AS (Fire Detection) / HEIEN LARSSEN (Fire Suppression) and it is able to offer to the Customer:

• Worldwide Servicing works.
• Certification of Fire Detection & Suppression systems, issued by authorized technicians; more specifically:
• Autromaster
• Autrosafe
• BS 100
• BS 60
• BX 40
• BX10
• Flexi Fog Accommodation
• Flexi-Fog Local Protection and Total Flooding
• FM 200 system (AFS design)
• Water-based system 901057/901020
• Water- based system 901045
• CO2 high pressure system
• Argonite System
All the above conforming with the Classifying Authorities/s rules

• Intervention on old complex systems adapting them to the newest technological solutions (refitting), including complete installation
• Maintenance and spare parts

Safe Marine is able to design and develop systems guaranteeing maxim safety.
We can offer to the Customer turnkey packages, i.e. from installation up to start up and commissioning. if necessary, also include all maintenance necessary with the passing of time.
Safe Marine is in close business relations with Ensto Italia, direct partner of the Finnish Multinational Ensto. This synergy enable it to offer planning and supply of preconneted electric systems, led based systems and dimming system for complex environments, where stage designing needs particular solutions.
Team Safe Marine is highly specialized and qualified.

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Safe Marine S.r.l.
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