• Fire and gas detection systems are operated by safe high-performance control panels. Such control units interface with the best detectors available on the market, running daily self-diagnosis of components and internal operation along the system’s entire life.


AutroSafe interactive fire detection system is designed to meet the strictest requirements and expands the possibilities of a fire detection system even further. From hotels to cruise ships and drilling platforms, AutroSafe satisfies the most demanding fire safety standards.

The intelligent technologies installed in AutroSafe allow it to compensate for pollution in the air (due for example to dust or dirt) and drastically reduce false alarms. This (automatic compensation) filter and other measures will produce the following benefits:


  • The Detector’s lifetime is increased significantly, reducing investments in detector replacement.
  • the algorithms prevent hyperactivity, reducing false alarms.
  • Detectors are prevented from being dulled so that they do not report a real fire, with the disastrous consequences this may have on life, environment or property


Most fire detection systems depend on costly and often irregular manual inspections, which involve a number of challenges and problems:

  • Detectors may be out of reach
  • Service engineers may not have access to particular areas
  • Manual testing with gas or smoke is not reliable
  • Test gas or smoke is rarely used in calibrated amounts
  • Even a faulty detector will eventually react if its chamber is filled with enough smoke
  • Irregular and/or too lengthy intervals between manual tests of detectors, leaving damaged detectors unnoticed for far too long


AutroSafe AUTO SELF TEST solves all issues of manual maintenance, making time consuming and costly physical testing no longer necessary. With AutroSafe SelfVerify®, the system checks all detectors, interfaces, connections and cables – from detector chamber to alarm output – every single day.

Not only does the system test whether a detector is capable of provoking an alarm, it even verifies the sensitivity of every detector with a calibrated signal. The SelfVerify system ensures that each detector always responds to the correct alarm level. In the event of irregularities, the display on the operating panel will accurately pinpoint the source of any problem. AutroSafe SelfVerify® is developed for worldwide standards and regulations, and the detectors are certified according to European directives (CPD) requiring EN 54 compliance

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Autronica’s products have always been associated with cutting-edge and high-quality technologies, challenging your way of thinking about fire detection. AutroPrime® is no exception;


Simplified maintenance

Autronica’s SelfVerify detectors will automatically perform a calibrated test every 24 hours and verify that the smoke and heat sensitivity is correct and in line with the European Norm. This ensures the end-user’s knowledge that the system will work according to specification every day. The operator will be informed of any potential deviation and the system will calibrate automatically to maintain each detector within the Norm. The operator will know where to aim the efforts, and when, hence save time and money


Simplified commissioning

The installation will automatically read the topology of the loops from the moment you switch on the main panel, based on individual data from each loop unit. Further configuration of the system is also easily done, but the system will operate with full functionality from the first initialisation.


Simplified operation

The detectors are provided with unique built-in addresses, as are all the other loop units. This address will be displayed in case of alarm or a deviation from normal operation and save time in troubleshooting. It will also pinpoint the exact location of the problem.


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We are able to supply spare parts on obsolete devices and carry out service activities:

  • BS-100
  • BS-60
  • BX-40
  • BX-10
  • Optical sensors in the Oil&Gas industry such as “AutroPath” with an optical range of 5 to 120 metres.
  • Highly sensitive aspirating detectors such as “AutroSense” can detect small amounts of smoke generated in a fire’s early stages: it provides the earliest warning in potential fire conditions by distinguishing real smoke from dust and pollutants, thus reducing false alarms. These detectors are used for Data Centers, Server Rooms or museums with prestigious works.
  • Sensors to cover large surfaces, with the Fireray able to cover a smoke detection area of up to 1800 m2 (like a train station).


AUTROGUARD, the simple fire sensor becomes the sensor capable of detecting Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide at the same time, generating visual, sound or voice alarms. A Modern Design All-in-One Sensor





  • AutroMaster ISEMS (integrated security and emergency management system) is a complete system designed to control and monitor alarmed areas and is an integral part of the fire detection system. A simple graphic interface provides an unprecedented overview of any situation.

The system is also provided with advanced trending features:

  • Remote connection function,
  • live video from CCTV-equipped flame detectors;
  • manual activation of outputs;
  • maintenance and troubleshooting tools;
  • historical log.


The system is connected to AutroSafe IFG via Ethernet and can be networked allowing multiple clients to view duplicates from a central AutroMaster server.


Intuitive and user-friendly system design

  • Client and server model, not like today’s master/slave
  • Both panels and presentation act as clients
  • Clients can communicate with several servers
  • Very scalable and network-friendly
  • Servers can be established locally, remotely or both


Easy configuration method

  • The server can read the running configuration from the panel
  • AutroMaster V can read the configuration directly
  • Working with updates is simplified
  • Updated configuration is executed immediately


Direct import of CAD drawings

  • New vector graphics engine
  • AutoCAD and MicroStation file format
  • Units can be positioned and labelled while drawing with CAD software
  • Drag & drop the layers you need from the CAD file
  • Version control


Fully customizable plan maps (GUI)

  • Multiple reports
  • Enabling and disabling detector and unit groups
  • Change performance class


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  • SafeMarine offers an innovative fire suppression system thanks to Stat-X, the Aereosol fire suppression product


Stat-X is:

  • A NON-PRESSURIZED SYSTEM (no use of cylinders or hoses)
  • A SAFE SYSTEM that eliminates all the problems and risks typically associated with pressurized systems (accidental releases or leaks)
      • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
      • Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP)
      • Zero Atmospheric Lifetime (ALT)
  • AN ECONOMICAL SYSTEM, because it is not pressurized and does not involve all the hardware (e.g., piping, cylinders and valves) and maintenance costs of traditional pressurized systems.
  • NO distribution piping, manifold, or nozzles.
  • NO floor space requirement to support weight.
  • NO special treatment for gas cylinder compression.
  • NO vent or ceiling panel clips for discharge forces.
  • NO solenoid actuators, head control or hoses.
  • NO water drainage or protection hoses freezing.
  • NO system pressurization or room integrity tests.



Stat-X’s intended uses comprise applications such as:

  • Transformer & Electrical Rooms
  • Battery Storage
  • Server Room & Electronic Cabinets
  • Transportation (BUS, TRAIN, TUNNELING, TAXI)
  • Manufactory Machines
  • Duct Protection
  • Telecommunication
  • Maritime
  • Industrial Machines



According to customer requirements, Safe Marine con also provide traditional fire suppression methods thanks to its extensive network of international partnerships.


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